Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Team Building Ever

So we had our company team building somewhere in Laguna and I must say that despite of all the difficulties in booking everything (from the venue, transpo, etc.) we still had a blast. I consider this as the best team building I have experienced. Did a lot of activities. My favorite is the circle of questions where in we ask a personal question and then all of us will answer. It was a good way to know more about my colleagues and of course for them to know more about me. That particular activity should be only for about 30 minutes but it went to about 4 hours because we were really enjoying. I think I'm closer to my current officemates now than on my previous. And of course an outing will not be an outing without booze! 

I didn't get to watch fashion week because of this and I have no regrets. ^_^

I really liked the double deck bed. I badly want one.
Cool underwater shots.
Woke up early so I prepared my breakfast.
Inflated all of these balloons. *gasp
Team building?
Forever favorite ice cream.
Our super cool boss!

Monday, May 14, 2012


This is what I wore when we watched Dark Shadows. Yeah I'm wearing sando inside the movie house. You can just imagine how freaking freezing I am in there. 

Hoodie - Uniqlo
Tank top - Forever 21
Chinos - Topman
Sandals - Salvatore Mann

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Was so bored at home so I invited my friends to watch Dark Shadows with me (but my original purpose was just to go the mall to escape the heat). The movie was great. I now have a new crush in the person of Bella Heathcote. Then we tried Swensen's and ordered the "Earthquake". That's 8 scoops of ice cream by the way. I'm just happy to bond with KC and Isabel again. We haven't seen each other for a month.

Brings back lots of memories
Beef stromboli at Bigoli
Now showing

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Woke around at 1PM today and just feel like a Snorlax. Since I got nothing to do, I messed around with the photobooth application of my computer. This is what you call hardcore GPOY. Also made a recording of my favorite song right now and it was really hilarious. I hope it doesn't affect the record sales when it comes out. Haha.