Monday, October 31, 2011

Fridays on a Thursday

Watched Paranormal Activity 3 Praybeyt Benjamin with friends last Thursday. It was so damn funny. If you need a break, you should give this movie a shot. Had dinner at the new TGI Fridays in Eastwood.

The crew danced to Super Bass and Dougie. They’re competing with Johnny Rockets which is just across the street.

This mojito is not for me. I don’t drink.

A sample of bad food photography wherein the steak was not highlighted. Haha.

Bracelets from Singapore. Thanks KC!

Whenever I’m in Eastwood, I always end the day with Happy Lemon. ^_^

A peaceful all souls day to everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Penshoppe

So pissed on this one. As what I’ve said on my last post, I didn’t finished the previous show because of this. Not gonna elaborate anymore what happened. I just feel bad for the people who bought Php1000.00 worth of clothes just to get an invite. 

Disappointed people outside the venue.

The only photo I got.

My invite :(

PFW S/S 2012: Vans

Didn’t finished the Vans show because I rushed to go to the next show. I should have just watched this one to the end. The clothes are just OK with me but their kicks are dope. I only have a pair of Vans shoes and I’m planning to have some more.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Resorts Wear

It’s my first time to watch designer shows and it was really fun. What I can say watching these kind of shows is that a designer can make you say “WOW!” and also “What the hell!” when you see their pieces. Didn’t noticed that resorts wear were so cool until now. Best collections I’ve seen were from Anthony Nocom, Lyle Ibanez, and Raoul Ramirez.

Last day of fashion week today. Will be at the Ziggy Zavella, Sassa Jimenez, and Aries Llagat shows.

Friday, October 28, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Oxygen

Let’s get straight to the point. Oxygen’s show last night was the best I’ve seen. The set, the clothes, and the styling was perfect. I like almost all of the pieces. Will definitely get a lot from this line when it comes out. I like their slippers! Did’t get a good snap though cause you know my camera can’t take moving shots. Good thing I chose to watch this show instead attending a halloween party. I’m an Oxygen fan from now on.

Give me the bag please.

I bet many girls would like to have a piece of this.

This top is great but I know I couldn’t pull a look like this.

Stalker alert! Kryz Uy is so cccuuuuuuutttttteeeee!!!!

Oxygen’s brand manager Jeff Bascon

*Clap clap again.

Will be at the Ipanema and Vans shows later. WIsh I could go to the Penshoppe show but I have no invite. See you guys!