Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dip in the Water

I'm already 20+ years old and I still don't know how to swim. Tsk tsk. Luckily there are still some too in our office. We decided to have swimming lessons care of Christian. He taught us how to do freestyle. Its my first time to do it thats why I get easily exhausted. According to observations, my problem is with the kicking and breathing but with more practice I will be able to do it perfectly. And if I learn, I'll do this as a regular exercise. It might get rid of my stubborn baby fats. The swimming was also a nice way to escape the raging heat.

*PS: Tried a new camera settings that a friend taught me and it looks so cool (for me at least).

Its called kickboy but I call it cooler lid. Haha.
The motorboat!

Beautiful Days

One of the photographers I've been looking up to and been wanting to meet since forever is Adrian Gonzales. I am a follower of his photoblog since last year. His portfolio includes a lot of models who are at their peak right now like Danica Magpantay, Robbie Becroft, Vicky Herrera, Brent Chua, Sarah Meier, Jessica Yang, and the list goes on. Some of his works were also published in Vogue Italia.

Jessica Yang
Sarah Meier
Danica Magpantay
Brent Chua
Robbie Becroft
Vicky Herrera

Guess what, Christian, one of our new hires in the company is a close friend of Adrian. And because of that, we are friends now too. Small world right? I've been learning a lot of things from him especially in photography and the world of fashion. Being a subject of his shoot would be a privilege. Right now we are brainstorming for concepts for my photoshoot and to tell you guys, I'm very pressured and excited at the same time.

Photos below are Adrian's newest work that is featured in the latest issue of Stache Magazine. This set shows Keita Lee who is bringing waves in Lookbook. He looks like a member of Super Junior. This was also the inspiration of my last outfit post.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Officially a member now of the "wear something bright for summer" bandwagon. Me sporting clothes on a lighter palette feels very refreshing. Its my first time also to wear a tank top because of the scorching hot weather lately. Sobrang init talaga! If only I can go outside topless but I don't have the right. Just a tip: for those who do not look fit (like me), wearing a tank top bigger than your usual size will do the trick.

Tank top - Forever 21 Men
Carrot Pants - Topman
Sandals - Salvatore Mann

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back to High

Its nice to reconnect with your high school friends from time to time. Brings back a lot of memories. As for my batch, we have this annual thing where in we go swimming. This time we rented a private pool somewhere in Laguna. Its bummer some of my closest friends didn't come but we still made the best of the little get-together we had. "Next time ulit at sana maglevel up na tayo guys!"

Jose Abad Santos High School IV-1 Batch 2004

Here's our class pictures. Spot me!