Monday, September 30, 2013

When I Look At A Wrecking Ball

More chorus covers from me. So far, I just know 4 chords and I think I know around 20 songs now with those chords only. Haha. Not yet ready to post a full cover yet. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

World Without Strangers

One of the best fashion brands around, Giordano will open its new korean inspired concept store on Saturday. Very much excited to see how the brand will incorporate their casual yet sophisticated style to the korean fashion scene. See you there!

For more updates from Giordano, follow them:

Monday, September 9, 2013

Infinitea at DLSU Manila

A friend of mine invited me to see her new business venture which is a branch of Infinitea inside DLSU. How cool can that be.

Infinitea can be considered as one of the most popular milk tea stores around. They serve a wide variety of drinks from the famous milk tea to fruit teas, soda pops and lot more. They also serve frappes! Their teas are 100% freshly brewed to give us more healthier options when it comes to drinks.

Infinitea's newest drink is the Strawberry Oreo Frappe. I'm someone who likes tea more on the sweeter side so this is a hit for me. 

Graduated 5 years ago but I still feel like a student. Haha.

Long queue means the milk teas are selling like pancakes.

My friend Andz managing the store. We were former officemates. Did a lot of catching-up. 

Had my second round of milk tea. Haha. This time, I had the wintermelon milk tea with pearls. I always try to have the wintermelon milk tea of every milk tea store in the metro to compare and I must say that Infinitea has one of the best.

DLSU students enjoying their Infinitea drinks.

Infinitea is located at the Zaide Canteen in DLSU. Drop by and I assure you that you will not gonna regret it. Be sure to also like their Facebook page here