Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To A New Beginning

It will be 2014 in a few hours and here I am writing my forced mandatory year-end post. You see I haven't been blogging lately because I'm busy organising my life. As in the real deal. I decided to live alone to learn what really life is when you are paying all the bills. Got an apartment around Pasig and so far I think I'm doing well. I do! Visit me guys if you have time.

For my family, I think its hard to each of us to take my decision to move out. Maybe they are sensing that I won't survive. But we know that this is for me to become mature and independent. You'll love you're parents more when you are away from them. For the friends and officemates, I'll be spending more time with them now so I'll be treating them like brothers and sisters. I hope they do the same also.

2013 taught me a lot of things and made a lot of firsts. I learned to play the guitar. I learned to wash the dishes. I learned to wash my own clothes. I learned to clean the house. These are only small stuff but I am very thankful.

I also got my online job back. It only pays half as it did last year but still its a big help since I'm living on my own now. Will not take this job for granted as I've really learned my lesson the last time. I actually didn't go home today because of work. But I'm OK. They understand.

What I want next year is just to be stable. Maybe less or no more OOTDs. No shopping. Just work hard. Save! I'll play next next year. 

Cheers guys and let's all have a happy new year!