Saturday, June 30, 2012

Topman End of Season Sale

Our favorite brand Topman started its end of season sale last Friday and will run for a month. Went there earlier and got a few items (I didn't hoard). Was targeting for a rucksack that I was eyeing for so long but there's no more stock. Still happy with my dibs. And guess what, I'm on the XS size now because of my recent cleansing. ^_^

Printed button downs! Got them at 50% off.
Nice details ehh?
I'm a chino guy so I always make sure to grab one every sale. Haha. 
Boots for less than 2K FTW!
My first chukka boots! Excited to wear them.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Accomplished

My detox is done! Wuut! I reduced the 10-day lemonade diet to 8 and I still did the 3-day easing-out phase. I lost 4kgs in the process. Its like the last time but I feel more thinner now. And I'm seeing some ribs (wala na makain lol). Will try to not eat rice anymore to maintain my weight. Will also do more exercises to be more fit. Actually jogged earlier this morning.

Here's what I had during the easing out. Oh its only just the juice photos. I really like the broccoli juice. My officemates also like it. I also had the mushroom soup from KFC whenever I feel hungry but my favorite is the pumpkin soup from Little Asia. Also had grapes on my last day of easing-out.

Here are my before and after photos. They really don't show the significant weight loss. Promise pumayat talaga ako.

 I hope in this photo maniwala na talaga kayo.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Master Cleanse Take 2

Hey guys! I'm gonna do the master cleanse diet again. This is in preparation for an upcoming shoot this July. If last time, I didn't get to document properly what I did, I will now. I'm also gonna list the things that I have done wrong before. My main goal is to remove the stubborn fats (side boobs and love handles lol) and make my face smaller. I'm on my first day of the lemonade diet today and I weigh 146 lbs. Wish me luck!

The master cleanse kit. You can find them all at Healthy Options. I'm gonna include the prices so that you will have an idea how much you will spend in doing this program.

Nightly laxative (Php 259.00) This should be consumed EVERY NIGHT on the entirety of the diet.  I sometimes skip this because I feel asleep.
Organic lemon extract (Php 215.00) I don't know if the lemon that I'm buying from the grocery is organic that's why I got this to be sure. This bottle will last for 2 days.
Grade B maple syrup (Php 2,159.00) This time I bought the biggest bottle so that I won't need to go back and buy again. Plus its cheaper.
Cayenne pepper (Php 195.00) I only put a tap of this per glass which is wrong. 1/10 tablespoon is the minimum and you can put more as long as you can stand the hotness.
Sea salt (Php 119.00) This is for the salt water flush. You should buy the un-iodized one. Last time I got the iodized. Tsk tsk.
These will serve as my before photos. I actually have a version of this where I wear no tank top but you might be grossed out and puke in front of you computer screens if I post them here. Haha. And sorry for the messy room.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunrise Buckets

OK, my site is becoming a food blog again. Haha. Reunited with my friends. Went food/roadtripping. One of the highlights of the day was having lunch at Sunrise Buckets. This is my new favorite place now. Affordable and best food ever. And its only a ride away from home. Just let the photos explain how happy we were.

Cinnamon iced tea. Its kinda addicting.
Rootbeer float
PG mode on. Haha. 
Got my name wrong but its OK because their food was great!
Ordered 5 half pound buckets of chicken wings.
If you know me, I'm on the search for the best onion rings in town so I always order it in every place I go to.
Jack Daniel's burger. So so for me.
We were warned before ordering this spicy chicken. SOBRANG ANGHANG!!!!! SPICY LEVEL 1,000,000!!!!
Can I make accessories out of these?
Of course always making fun of myself.
Happy people and tummies ^_^

Kuppa Roastery & Cafe

Kuppa Roastery (pronounced cup-pa), started from a family that knows coffee. It took 50 years to make their first cup of coffee, starting with their grandfather after the first World War, who passed the roasting trade down to their father, who passed it on to his children.

Kuppa Coffee first opened its doors to the public in Bacolod on January 2006 by Eugene and Karen Lo-Tsai. The first coffee shop was built on the same lot where the Lo family started roasting coffee in the 1950s. Kuppa was the first coffee shop to introduce in-house coffee roasting in the Philippines, to ensure superior tasting coffee.

Karen, a coffee fanatic, and the first Licensed Q Grader in the Philippines certified to grade specialty coffee, took her first sip of espresso in Taiwan and instantly fell in love. Her husband Eugene, was a coffee convert and the very first Kuppaholic, who also happens to be the resident Roaster in Bacolod. Partnering with her brother Kerwin - a stockbroker-turned-businessman who trained in the U.S. for coffee roasting - as well as their childhood friend and classmate, Rommel - a sugar farmer-cum-chef who trained in the U.S. and Italy - they then decided to take their taste for good coffee and bring it to Manila, positioning themselves in the business epicenter of Bonifacio Global City.

Kuppa serves coffee as it should be sweet, smooth and complex. The cupping of each blend and single origin coffee is done on a daily basis to ensure the quality and the freshness of the coffee are maintained.  Kuppa strives to have each visit a fresh new discovery.

I was one of the chosen few who got invited to their coffee pairing event. Karen and Kerwin discussed to us the history of Kuppa and how their coffee is made. Then we were served a nine course meal and a couple of desserts. Some of my favorites were the Frutti di Mare Pasta, Lamb Caldereta, Cristina Pizza, Insalata Kuppa, Matt's Choco Cake, and Strawberry Kiss. I actually love them all. We have also tried some of their coffees and teas which were very excellent. Thanks Kuppa for having me!

You can follow Kuppa thru their Facebook Page here and Twitter account here.

Ms. Karen explaining the history of Kuppa.
Mr. Kerwin telling us the roasting process of the coffee beans.

Insalata Kuppa - salad greens, arugula, reduced balsamic dressing, walnuts, and blue cheese
Fellow bloggers enjoying the food.
Paradiso Melange and Iced Cucumber Green Tea
Prosciutto and Pumpkin - prosciutto, honey roasted pumpkin, and pesto on ciabatta
Prosciutto ed Arugula - prosciutto and arugula dressed with olive oil
Cristina Pizza - mozzarella, balsamic, gorgonzola, figs, and grapes
Frutti di Mare Pasta - seafood pasta with cream sauce
Crispy Pata - fall of the bone dish served with vinegar, apple sauce, and liver sauce
Lamb Caldereta - lamb shoulder served with bell pepper and olives
Pan Seared Snapper - fish with potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce
Salpicao - US beef tenderloin with mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic
Gyokuro - Japan's finest tea which is smooth and sweet
They showed us different tea leaves.
Jasmine Dragon Pearl - high grade tea rolled into little balls, scented with jasmine flowers
Matt's Choco Cake - really a must try!
Hineleban Coffee - tastes great even without sugar and cream
Apple Tart
Strawberry Kiss
Ben's Cappuccino