Saturday, June 16, 2012

Master Cleanse Take 2

Hey guys! I'm gonna do the master cleanse diet again. This is in preparation for an upcoming shoot this July. If last time, I didn't get to document properly what I did, I will now. I'm also gonna list the things that I have done wrong before. My main goal is to remove the stubborn fats (side boobs and love handles lol) and make my face smaller. I'm on my first day of the lemonade diet today and I weigh 146 lbs. Wish me luck!

The master cleanse kit. You can find them all at Healthy Options. I'm gonna include the prices so that you will have an idea how much you will spend in doing this program.

Nightly laxative (Php 259.00) This should be consumed EVERY NIGHT on the entirety of the diet.  I sometimes skip this because I feel asleep.
Organic lemon extract (Php 215.00) I don't know if the lemon that I'm buying from the grocery is organic that's why I got this to be sure. This bottle will last for 2 days.
Grade B maple syrup (Php 2,159.00) This time I bought the biggest bottle so that I won't need to go back and buy again. Plus its cheaper.
Cayenne pepper (Php 195.00) I only put a tap of this per glass which is wrong. 1/10 tablespoon is the minimum and you can put more as long as you can stand the hotness.
Sea salt (Php 119.00) This is for the salt water flush. You should buy the un-iodized one. Last time I got the iodized. Tsk tsk.
These will serve as my before photos. I actually have a version of this where I wear no tank top but you might be grossed out and puke in front of you computer screens if I post them here. Haha. And sorry for the messy room.

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