Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunrise Buckets

OK, my site is becoming a food blog again. Haha. Reunited with my friends. Went food/roadtripping. One of the highlights of the day was having lunch at Sunrise Buckets. This is my new favorite place now. Affordable and best food ever. And its only a ride away from home. Just let the photos explain how happy we were.

Cinnamon iced tea. Its kinda addicting.
Rootbeer float
PG mode on. Haha. 
Got my name wrong but its OK because their food was great!
Ordered 5 half pound buckets of chicken wings.
If you know me, I'm on the search for the best onion rings in town so I always order it in every place I go to.
Jack Daniel's burger. So so for me.
We were warned before ordering this spicy chicken. SOBRANG ANGHANG!!!!! SPICY LEVEL 1,000,000!!!!
Can I make accessories out of these?
Of course always making fun of myself.
Happy people and tummies ^_^

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