Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thank You 2012

2012 for me has been good. It didn't become my year which I predicted last year but I had gain a lot of friends and experiences that I will bring with me always. Bonds with me and my family got stronger. Had more time to hangout with friends. Got to places I've never thought I'll never go to. Had my first shoot with a legit photographer. Spent one year at my company and got attached to the people there. Had a four-month stint with an online job that gives me 3x my office salary. Experienced snow for the first time in South Korea. And of course obtaining my long time dream (which is a secret for now). These are only some of the highlights of my 2012 that I am really thankful for. My goals for next year - be more active in my blog and I'll be more agressive in searching for my soulmate. Haha. Happy new year guys and lets welcome 2013 with a smile :)

"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities." - The Fault In Our Stars


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Its Cold Outside

A few hours more and its gonna be Christmas already. What are you up to guys? For us, we'll just celebrate with a simple noche buena. Christmas for me is the best time to say I love you to everyone because it doesn't look or sound awkward. Moving on, here's what I wore to my recent trip at Seoul. It was my first time to see snow that's why this trip is very special to me *sobs. Haha. Didn't expect that the weather there will be super cold. It was a freezing -18 degress Celcius and all the jackets that I have with me don't work. So I bought a thermal jacket which I used for the whole 5 days that I was there. Will show you my whole trip on a different post. Again, Merry Christmas guys!

Thermal Jacket - H&M
Sweater - Topman
Thermal gloves and socks - Uniqlo
Skinny pants - Topman
Boots - Dr. Martens

Wearing earmuffs is a must. You'll feel a little fluffy too :)
Boots - Hawkins
Earmuffs - Some thrift shop in Myeongdong

What I wore inside my thermal jacket. You can't walk in the streets just wearing these. It's really cold.
Cardigan - Oxygen
Sweater - Uniqlo
Scarf - H&M