Friday, June 21, 2013

Manila Oceanpark

Our senior manager from Hyderabad visited us this week and treated us a day off at Manila Ocean Park. Didn't expect that place was fun. Thought that the place was just for children. Felt like I was a toddler when I was there applauding at the sea lion show. No photos again. Let the Vine videos show you how much fun we had there. We were planning to do the cruise around Manila Bay too but the currents were too strong. Sayang. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Was at Boracay this week with the close officemates (almost). I was booked for this vacation without my permission. Tsk tsk. But I was happy I went there anyway. At first, I was hesitant because of OU but my goal was to enjoy and relax. God, I should have went to Boracay a long time ago. Definitely the best place in the Philippines. Brought a camera but I have no pictures with me. Documented the happenings thru Vine so follow me there also.

First time I saw the beach at Boracay, my jaw just dropped. I don't want to go to any beach, resort, private pool, other than this anymore.

Always wanted to see fire dancing. You need to dine though to see it clearly so I just took a video outside raising my hand. Hihi.
First morning at Boracay. Went to the shoreline immediately when I woke up. Reminds me so much of the opening credits of Final Fantasy VIII. Just beautiful. 
On our way to helmet diving and parasailing. The second activity got postponed because of the bad weather. We were stranded in the middle of the waters.
Finally, a fire dance where we don't have to pay.
Saw some dancing cooks on our way back to the hotel and they've gone K-Pop.
Went to the shoreline again the next day and sang all morning. Haha.

Prayed for good weather so that we can do parasailing. On our way to the activity site.
The speedboat ride was kinda scary. Roller coaster levels.
First batch of parasailers!
Officemates doing the parasail. One on the right doing the cha-cha. Haha. No vid for me.
Last day at Boracay. Getting sad. Promise I will be back here.
Probably one of the highlights of my trip. Haha. If you guys go to Boracay, try Real Coffee and Tea Bar and look for Princess. For sure busog na agad kayo when you see her. And the food is really good too! We dine there twice because of her the food. The calamansi muffins are awesome, amaze balls, dope, delicious!

Kinikilig ako. Haha.