Saturday, April 14, 2012

Amazing Grace

Pardon me for my weird blog post titles. So last week, I wanted to change my look by having a different haircut. I was leaning towards an undercut/James Dean/pompadour style but still maintaining the length of my hair. Texted my hairstylist if he is available but he said he is on leave and he will be returning a week after. Me being desperate didn't wait anymore and went to a different salon (not gonna drop names here). When I told the stylist what to do, he suggested another one and me, I was just like hypnotized (sabi ko nga nabudol-budol ako) because I just yes in everything he says. I like the aftermath actually when it was still styled but the morning after, I look like a jejemon already. I feel like my reflection on the mirror was laughing at me. Came back to my real stylist and he saved my ass off. Could not be any happier with the result and I'm excited to experiment on a lot of hairdos. 

Blurry shot after the first cut
The jeje look
The new Basti :)

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