Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Left My Seoul in Korea: Coffee Prince Cafe and Han-Gang River Cruise

This is the second part of our day 1 trip. Went to Coffee Prince Cafe. Not a fan of the series but my friends are. Sad to say, we had a bad experience there. The staff were so sulky and they required us all to buy drinks if we want to stay inside :( Their coffees are are just average and pricey. Photos here don’t show how disappointed we were.

Asking directions on how to get to the cafe.

Outfit post and change! Didn’t post this on Lookbook because my face is so goofy. Haha. Collar shirt (Topman), pants (Topman), espadrilles (Toms), canvas bag (Forever 21 Men), bracelets (Eastwood Bazaar).

Then off to Han-gang River Cruise. We were so late. Good thing we made it to the last trip. These kind of stuff are not my thing but when you are with your friends, you’ll really gonna enjoy it. Experienced one of the coldest night in my life.

Them already!

So tired but we have to stick with our itinerary.

We love to do the beggar pose. If there’s planking and owling, there is also beggaring. Haha.

Had dinner at a restaurant near our inn. The Bulgogi we ordered costs 17,000 won (its around Php800). Its very expensive but it comes with a lot of side dishes which really made us super full. Best dinner I had with the Canvas Team :)

So hungry that’s why I eat like a boar here. More Seoul entries soon!

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