Sunday, October 2, 2011

Left My Seoul in Korea: Departure & Arrival, Teddy Bear Museum, and Namsan Tower

I’m back! So I’m gonna post separate entries on what we did in Seoul. Seriously, I love the place. I wanna live there. Wish that I will be a Korean in my next life.

The trippers!

GPOY! Haha.

We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights. Its in Myeong-dong.

First stop was the Teddy Bear Museum and Namsan Tower. They’re just a couple of blocks away from our inn.

So stupid to wear shorts. It was so cold there. The wind there has a minty feel which I love.

Saw this traditional guardsman on our way to the tower.

The gals.

Me with Kuya Rico. The bear I’m carrying was so heavy.

I know my friends enjoyed in the museum but I didn’t. Dunno why even if the teddy bears there were so cute. Maybe I don’t find them that entertaining.

Goofing around.

Mr. Bean’s teddy.

This one is scary but I find it cool.

The B-bears. Remembered the Garage Party here.


Then we went up to the tower to see city in a different view.

Was laughing at KC because she can’t reach the telescope.

She got a teddy bear though.

There’s a spot in the tower where you can write anything.

Look at what I wrote. Shameless plugging. Haha.

Its just half of day 1 and I’m so tired already. More entries to come.

*Thanks to Kuya Rico, Gail, KC, and Lester for the photos.

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