Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blue Tribe

Been down the past couple of days because of the not so good things happening to me at work. Starting to doubt myself of what I really wanna do in my career as an engineer. I will start tomorrow doing tasks that doesn’t involve software development. Will just do my best to prove some people wrong. I’m very positive that I’ll get through this.

Anyway, to make the mood lighter, my friends and I went malling yesterday. Had lunch at Sumo Sam. Didn’t got the chance to take photos because I was late. Then we had dessert at Stick House. They serve gelato on stick.

Ordered the chocolate milk stick. The chocolate part is a bit bitter which I really liked. 

Then we went to Maginhawa to try Infinitea. BTW, we go to different milk tea shops to compare who’s got the best wintermelon milk tea.

For me, Moonleaf Tea Shop is still the best. :)

KC’s cool RayBan!

We always end the day by going to Eastwood. Haha. Bought again new bracelets at the bazaar.

Got a new set of rope bracelets so that I can stack them more. The more the better.

This one is a bit pricey but I really love this bracelet. I’ll wear this most of the time.

Bought these small bottles at Beabi in preparation for my trip. Will put my shampoo, toner, and contact lens solution in them.

Please hype this on here.

Accessory overload.

Tribal Tee (Topman), Blue Carrot Pants (Topman), Bracelets (Thrifted), Sneakers (Converse)

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