Thursday, February 27, 2014

Juicing Habit

According to my observations, around 98% of the population wants to be slim and 90% of them hates exercising. Well I'm one of them and I always resort to crash diets when I want to weight down. Previously tried the master cleanse. Its really effective but seriously, it drives me crazy. So what I did is look for an alternate and here we go with juicing. And hey, its in today with all the juice bars popping-up. The weight loss may be slower than the master cleanse but you know that the method is more healthier. I just think of it as chugging down a lot of fruits and veggies that you don't want to eat. And promise the juice tastes good.

So I was inspired by Joe Cross' documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead and the next day after I got my Breville juicer. Investing on a good juicer is really beneficial long term. I just put the whole apples and cucumbers on the chute unlike in the others you have to slice them to smaller pieces first.

Breville juicer

I'm a very busy person doing two jobs in a day so I do juicing in bulk. What I do usually lasts for 3-4 days. I started doing this last November and I make sure I juice 3 days per week. I do this for weight maintenance. I eat all I want to eat like a monster then juice after.

I use pechay, brocolli, carrots, cucumber, and apples on my juice. But recently I have updated my recipe. I removed the apples because I've discovered that it has a lot of sugar. Replaced it with cabbage so now its a all veggie juice. With this, you can lose around 2 lbs on a 3 day cycle.

Pechay and brocolli




Picher with pechay and cucumber juice

This is a 5 liter jug so I make around 3.5 liters of juice.

And here is the finish product. I drink 4-6 glasses of juice a day. In juice bars, you spend around Php 1300 - 2500 / day for a whole set of juice. But do you know how much damage it cost me for my 3-4 day juice clease? Spent only Php 410 for this. 

I hope you have already eaten before seeing this photo. This is me after my 2 weeks juicing a month ago. From 74kg, I now weight (drum rolls please) 69kg. My goal is to go back to my original slim weight of 65kg.

Juicing is a great way to lose those flabby sides and man-boobs. Haha. Its affordable and its healthy.

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