Friday, March 25, 2011


Catching up with friends you didn’t see in ages is one of most fun things in life and Friday is the best time to do that. Though I was a bit under the weather, I met up with my former company batchmates in Eastwood.

I really miss this place. Worked here for 2 years.

Watched Sucker Punch because of its great reviews.

NOT! We watched Catch Me I’m in Love. Good movie. No tears. Just kilig (Can’t find its english equivalent). The green tea Tater’s served during the movie sucked big time. Tastes like bleeding gum. Will never order it again.

So happy to bump on to my past projectmates. The CNVS Gurls! Props to the shirts.

Had dinner at UCC Cafe. Wanted to order Pasta Negra but it was removed from their menu.

My batch buddies Fatima and Mutya.

It was a fun night. If I could just do it everyday.

My look. Jacket (Zara), Shirt (Topman), Pants (Topman), Shoes (Sueno de Espadrilles)


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