Sunday, June 12, 2011

10 Looks

GPOY Alert!

All I want is to become a model. Since I started blogging, I met new friends, went to events, and learned a lot about fashion. I even got the chance to talk to my fashion inspirations. These small things make me happy and contented that I have almost set aside my primary goal at the start. I hope that this will continue.

Enough with the ranting. Haha. Can’t believe that I already have 10 looks in Lookbook. I actually thought that I will not make it to 3 looks because no one supports my dreams at first. Thanks to my new friends! I get motivated everyday because of them. So motivated that I do my best to dress up everyday. They made me feel that I am not alone. I’m still ranting here. Haha.

Please fan me and hype my looks here. Will post an entry everytime I reached 10 looks. Wishing I’ll get to 20. 

Forbidden Shoot

Going Green

Work the Stairs

Gotta Work

Get On The Floor

Movie Night

White Lines

My PFW Look

Boots N’ Bones

Eastwood Bridge

To the photographers out there, if you are bored, please do ask me for a shoot (or I will be the one asking you). I will greatly appreciate it ^_^

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