Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Really Really Left My Seoul in Korea

The photos that I’ve posted on my past entries were from my friends. Here’s mine from my outdated camera. Haha. Also took the time to take pictures from some of Seoul’s fash people.

You can see Sandara’s pictures everywhere.

Bought BB cream here for only Php600. The same cream in our mall costs Php1600.

Cool shoes!

Pitying myself.

This word perfectly describes me. Right ex-officemates?

This is what I call power couple.

KC with the kids. Haha.


Told you we were watching Pororo after we’ve seen him in Everland.

Do I need to say what this is?

The only photo I got inside a retail store. The person manning the store told me to delete the photo but I didn’t. Tsk tsk.

The stuff I bought! A Dr. Martens Cherry Red 1460, a set of H&M socks, and bag from Forever21 ^_^

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