Monday, November 7, 2011

Left My Seoul in Korea: Namdaenum, Myeongdong, Going Home

Last day in Korea is shopping day! Started the day by having breakfast at Paris Baguette which can be seen like on every street in Seoul.

Wanna try them all.

Our breakfast (brunch rather)!

No hype this look here. Haha.

Namdaenum is like our Divisoria. This is the place to go if you will be buying gifts or souvenirs to take home. Lots of great stuff there that were really cheap. Saw fake Doc Martens boots that were only Php600.

LOL moment!

Had late lunch at Pizza Hut. Alvin (the one wearing black polo shirt) treated us!

Our waitress looks K-pop as well.

Bulgogi Pizza

Myeongdome time! Been wanting to go here since we landed here. Haha. Myeongdong is considered to be the fashion haven in Korea. Zara, H&M, Forever21, name it and you’ll see it there. Wish I had more moolah though. Taking of photos inside the stores were prohibited (bummer).

Boxes of Doc Martens ^_^

Time to go home :( Really gonna miss this place :(

Got pasalubongs still at Paris Baguette. Haha.

Waiting for the plane.

Last photo! Seriously I wanna go back to Korea again. Someone please take me back there!

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