Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Buena Mano

Happy new year again! So how did you celebrate new year? I was just in the room while all of them are outside. Took care of Jordan and Jerjer because they were going gaga when they hear fireworks. Poor them. Their eyes are like popping out everytime they get startled.  
Here are also new stuff that I got before the year ended.
I’m back to gaming. Bought Skyrim so that I can lose weight. This is my way of dieting. Played for 7 straight hours yesterday. Two hours were alloted just for making my character and thinking of its name. For those PS3 gamers out there, do add me up on PlaystationNetwork. My ID is fearless_wiz.
The most comfortable contact lens for me. But it comes with a price. Been wearing contact lenses for a year now. If only I don’t have astigmatism, I’ll be using cheaper contacts. Can’t wait to be regularized in work so that I can use my optical allowance.
Won this Levi’s All Access Card from Ira Giorgetti blog giveaway. With this, I can now go to Republic, Fever Luxe, and The Manor for free. How cool is that. Hope to meet Ira soon.
And the last, hello short hair for me! I now go by the name City Hunter Basti ^_^
Planning to do a major site overhaul. I want to take blogging more seriously this year. So if you guys know any web designer who can help me, please email me their contact info. Again for the nth time, happy new year! 

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