Friday, January 6, 2012

Sniff Sniff

Smelling good is always on my checklist before going out. For me, if you smell good, you also look good. Anyways, decided to change perfumes because I’ve been using my old ones for almost 5 years now. Found PatMae’s Shop on Multiply that sells authentic designer perfumes for very low prices. They also have bags and watches. This is my first transaction in Multiply because they now accept credit card as a mode of payment. Woot! Got these two.

Bvlgari Extreme is my office scent for now replacing Clinique Happy. This gives me the conservative/ super quiet smell. Haha.

Always wanted to have 1 Million because of the hype it is having. It smells sexy for me thats why I think it should be used on parties, events or on a date perhaps.

Looks like buying perfumes will be my new hobby. Can you give me any suggestions on what to purchase next?

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