Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slowly But Surely

Easing-out after the lemonade diet can be considered as one of the most important phase of the master cleanse. Its like preparing your body to slowly go back to eating normal food. Eating immediately after the lemonade diet will make you feel constipated and nauseated. The weight losed can also come back if you skipped on this one. For me, I just got excited to have reached the ease-out stage because it indicates that I'm already near the finish line.

On the first day, two liters of pure orange juice should be consumed. Its not enough for me so I had three.

Orange juice

Day 2 is soup day. Really hated this day because I didn't like the clam chowder. The minestrone saved the day though.

Clam chowder and minestrone

On the last day, I can finally splurge on fruits and veggies. I can't explain the happiness when I was eating the corn. Sarap na sarap talaga ako. Haha.

KC and I also had dinner at Sweet Pea. See her review here. Didn't had a hard time choosing what to order because I'm only limited to soup and salad.

Bacon and corn chowder
Hawaiian potato salad

KC making inggit of her baby back ribs.

I'm just really happy that its all over. Tomorrow, I'll be having buffet to celebrate. Haha. See you later guys!

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