Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Hero's Drink

Manila (July 2012) -- The Bleeding Heart Rum Company is all set to launch Don Papa Small Batch Rum throughout this month. Premium rum has finally come to the Philippines.

The process by which Don Papa is made begins with the selection of some of the finest and sweetest sugar cane in the world, grown on the rich soils of Negros. The resultant molasses are then distilled before being aged for over 7 years in American oak in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon. The rum is then charcoal filtered to remove any tannins and impurities before being blended to perfection. Don Papa is crafted with great precision and substantially amplifies the liquor experience. Best of all, it is 100% made in the Philippines.

The combination of the soil, the quality of the sugar cane, the ageing in oak and the blenders' art come together beautifully to give Don Papa a rich, smooth taste. Light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate in the mouth with a long textured finish, Don Papa has a light amber color and offers flavors of vanilla, honey and candied fruits. 

Whether mixed with cola or in a daiquiri, Don Papa is superb. To stretch what Don Papa can do for mixes, the Bleeding Heart Rum Company has worked with Kathryn Eckstein, a young creative mixologist, to produce a range of cocktails made uniquely from local ingredients. "Kapag Serious Ka", her take on the famous Caprioska is particularly delicious. The precise recipe remains a secret but does include a shot of Don Papa, some crushed calamansi, a little muscovado sugar and a splash of soda.

Packaged in a magnificent bottle with eye-catching design and a real cork stopper, Don Papa puts other rums to shame and sets a new standard in Philippine luxury.

According to Andrew Garcia, local market head for Don Papa small batch rum, "This country is the second largest rum market in the world, yet does not have a genuinely premium rum. With Don Papa, we wanted to rectify that: beautiful packaging, a great story and of course, a delicious rum. A rum so good, we think you can even drink it neat!

The name of the rum itself was inspired by the story of a man widely known as Papa Isio, one of the lesser known figures of the Philippine revolution against the Spanish.Island patriot, nationalist, leader of a group of babaylanes and fighter for social justice, Papa Isio briefly led his island to independence before joining the main revolutionary movement.

Don Papa Small Batch Rum will be available in selected bars, restaurants and liquor stores in Manila including Aracama Manila Cuisine, Draft, Beso, Distillery and Ralphs Wines and Spirits.

May the spirit of Don Papa live on in us all.

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