Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomato Pre-Holiday Collection

Tomato’s Pre-Holiday Collection shouts with inspiration from the minimalist style of the 40’s unexpected French glamour fashion updated with modern fabric patterns that are rendered in contemporary silhouette.

Reinventing the essentials of that unforgettable era where utilitarian fashion emerged as both stylish and functional, popular trends of the Word War II decade such as the 2 piece wardrobe consisting of a top or jacket and a skirt , the defined waistline, hemlines to the knee and the smart tailored tops  are mainstream fashion once again!

Simple silhouettes that are easy to wear paired with unexpected pattern and color combination are big with Tomato’s Pre-Holiday Collection.  

The 40’s men’s fashion is a mix of clean, simple, innocent and wholesome vibe of the era that contrasts the chaos of that Wartime period.  It’s a return to the basics, the no fuss attitude to clothing.   Tomato Green gives this fashion a modern take by incorporating elements of simplicity with a modern urban sexy appeal for the active lifestyle of the man of today.

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