Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yabu House of Katsu

Whenever friends ask me where I want to eat, I always respond Yabu. Why? Because its really the best and you'll get your money's worth (the last restaurant we've been to was really disappointing). Went here last weekend just to satisfy my katsu cravings and to celebrate because someone just got his first paycheck :) 

The comic shows how curry was made.
Appetizers. I love the superior egg and potato salad.
Hire (chicken) and seafood set. I feel full, satisfied, and happy already when they served it. 
The katsu curry makes you feel that you are really in Japan.
Salmon set for the health buffs.
Was so excited to eat that I forgot to grind the sesame seeds. Haha.
Its just cabbage but its one of the reasons why I keep coming back at Yabu.
Doing my signature duck face at Yabu.

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