Friday, May 3, 2013

The Book Depository

Not finding the book you're looking for on the local bookstore can make you feel really bad. I get that a lot. Worry no more because there is The Book Depository. Its a UK based online bookstore that markets the most affordable books. All the books you are looking for are here. AND SHIPPING IS FREE! Ordered three books as part of my first transaction to see if the service is really good and how long it will take to be delivered. Total amount is Php1800.00 which I think is reasonable enough. Read from forums and heard from friends that it takes 4-6 weeks for the books to arrive at your doorstep. What's amazing is that it only took 3 weeks and all the books are in good condition. You cannot imagine how happy I am when I was able to hold the books and brush it on my cheeks. Thank God that this store existed. I have a long list now on what to order next.

My order

The packages have arrived.

All smiles

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