Friday, May 27, 2011

Basti Goes to Bloggers United

Even if I have fever, it didn’t stop me too see and meet almost all of the most popular people in the blogging community. Arrived so early. I should be awarded most punctual. It feels like heaven in there because of so much clothes. Wished there were more stuff for men because David and Bjorn were the only ones who sell it. Maybe next time I’ll be a part of it already. Haha. Struck by shyness again, I actually need to bring my friend Mutya so that I can talk to the lady bloggers. All in all it was a great event and I can say that my LEAVE WITHOUT PAY was worth it (lol).

My first time to meet Bjorn Bedayo and he is so cool. Hoping I get to see him again.

David knows me already! Sorry for raiding your suitcase :)

Finally seen Paul’s bone collection. And I was surprised he knows my Twitter name. He also told me that he sees me on Lookbook and he will fan me. Yey!

Here comes mountains of girliness which I think made Mutya really happy.

Mutya with the super cute Patricia Prieto.

Now for the items that I got.

From Bjorn: The jacket and button-down are for Paolo who cannot make it to the event because he is in Cebu already. Mine are the accessories. I’m not a necktie guy but I purchased it because its Topman.

From David: I’m one of the lucky people who got one of David’s boots. Yey! This will be my first pair of boots. Hope I can give justice wearing it.

Also bought this nice shirt. It’s a perfect fit for me.

From Paul: Paul suggested to get the crossbone necklace because it suits me more than the others.

Paolo asked me to look for connector rings which I really don’t know what they look like at first. They were actually so cool when I saw them I also bought the same for myself. Will try to look for more of these in the night bazaar.

Lots of stickers! Will stick the green Status sticker on my office laptop.

PS: Can’t believe this is my 50th post already.


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