Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bloggers United 2

Went to the 2nd Bloggers United at Treston International College and just sat on the chairs. My friends wanted to kill me for not looking around. Haha. Anyway, I still had fun just seeing all the bloggers that I know even if I didn’t got the chance to talk to them. It was also Jess’ (my camera) first event.
Ms. Divine Lee and Laureen Uy hosting the event.
It was nice to see Anton again. We always bump into each other in events like this.
David’s booth. Daming tao! Also saw some girls wearing shirts telling that they are fans of David.
The venue was so much bigger now and the event has accommodated more bloggers. It was a big success. Nice job!
After that, we had dinner at Mann Hann. 
Isabel got two Uniqlo skirts for like Php100.00 each. Lucky girl. I think she had more fun there than me.
Why do I look so slim here? Haha. Wanna sing “I’m Sexy and You Know It”.
Please hype this on hereLong sleeve shirt (Topman), Pants (Topman), Bracelets (Thrifted), Custom-made boots

Been to GBC 3x this week and also been to Sonja’s 3x this week. I think I’m in love with their cupcakes.

The new frustrated model.
20 days to go before Christmas! 


  1. sna they had nicer stalls noh but it was much much bigger than the 1st one. cnt wait for so many improvements on the bu3 :)

    1. Excited for BU3 too! Let's bump into each other.

  2. I wanna attend events like this! Eek gonna hype your look! :3