Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Doctor Is In....

One of the advantages of working in The Fort is that I’ll be able to go to the best spots and events which usually happen around that area. Went to the Dr. Martens launch last Friday. Been a fan of the brand since I’ve discovered it. My first pair is still fresh from the box because I just got them last September in Seoul. Now people don’t have to go abroad to grab a pair of these awesome footwear. The Docs here are not that pricey at all as what others have expected it to be. Dr. Martens is located at the center of The Fort Strip Plaza.
Rain or shine, the event still pushed through.
Added this one on my wishlist. It would be super cool to wear it in the office.
This costs Php6,300. Got mine in South Korea at Php7,500. Arrrghh, should have just waited till this day.
This is LOVE at first sight.
Got myself this one for my cherry red 1460.
Wanted to buy laces but I don’t know what color will look good on my boots.
Jamba Juice is just around the corner so I decided to try it. 
Will come back here on my payday. ^_^

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  1. OMG! Doc Martens! It's so expensive but so worth it! <3