Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday Strolling

Spent the holiday at BGC with KC and Isabel. Had my routine cut and color first then we had lunch at Draft Gastropub at The Fort Strip. Got our meals at 50% off thanks to Groupon.
Tried beer for the first time and I still don’t want to drink.
Getting used to wearing my Dr. Martens. Excited for their opening on December 9 at the Fort Strip. Hope I can get a new pair that I can wear in the office.
Please hype this on herePlaid button-down (Topman), Pants (Topman), Tank top (Walker), Cross necklace (Thrifted), Bracelets (from Singapore), Boots (Dr. Martens)
My new favorite - The Red Velvet Vixen of Cupcakes by Sonja. Will be near to the place starting next week. Its my last weekend as a bum so I’m gonna make the most out of it.

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