Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Black Leaf

Finally, a Lookbook post. My last entry was a month ago. I miss doing this. Anyway, I brought my friends to Moonleaf Tea Shop so that they can try the milk teas that I’ve been telling them. Our original plan was to take my outfit photo there but I was so shy again because there were a lot of people at the shop. So we went to Eastwood again. Haha. I like wearing clothes with darker shades these days. It hides my flabs ^_^

Read some negative comments about me on an online forum. All I can say is screw them. Yeah, I got affected of what they have said but I just got more psyched to do what I love to do (Walang basagan ng trip). Thanks to the people who gave me comforting messages. 

Please hype this on here.

Long Sleeve Shirt (Uniqlo), Skinny Pants (Topman), Three-Finger Connector Ring (Bring Rings), Custom Made Boots

Photography: KC Canlas and Isabel Reyes

Frustrated Model: Jojit Sebastian

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