Friday, July 1, 2011

Topman Mid-Season Sale

Welcome to another shopaholic entry. Haha. Topman started its mid-season sale today. Went there immediately after work. So sad because my 5-year-old iPod got snatched on my way there. But still I continued shopping. The show must go on. Haha. No use bumming around of what happened. There were so few choices on the sale rack that’s why I only got three items. 

My first carrot pants. It would be better if the cream-colored ones were on sale too.

I like the length of the sleeves.

I think this is the coolest tee on sale.

They gave me a magazine as a freebie. But its Topshop. Oh well.

This would be my last spending for now. I have to save up for my Korea trip ^_^

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